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Tibet Bundle Massage

This unique treatment comes from the highest regions of the world. The secret of the Tibet treatment is enclosed in bundles of Himalayan pebbles where salts from the Dead Sea are applied to the body with warm fragrant Sweet Almond Oil.

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Ergoline "EXCELLENCE 700"

Is ahead of it’s time in professional sunbeds, with it’s fascinating light design providing plenty of room for movement – to enable a relaxed body position.

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OPI - Long Lasting Gel Polish

Say good-bye to manicure frustration and hello to pure manicure satisfaction.

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Special Offers

PEDICURE- Spa, Paraffin, Rainforest

NOW £25

Book your Kleo’s classic pedicure! Choose between feet treatments Spa- exfoliating, Paraffin- moisturising, with warm paraffin lavander oils or Rainforest- using exfoliating scrub followed by high quality paraffin oils to soften and moisturise dry skin on the soles of the feet.

*All pedicures include nail shape, cuticle work, removal of dry skin, foot massage, buffing and nail polish application.

*Offer starts 1st February until 31st March 2018

LASER Hair Removal

Single Treatments 50% OFF /Any Area

Don’t miss out on hair removal treatment offer with Quanta System DNA Laser Technology!

*Offer starts 1st February until 31st March 2018


CACI - Ultra Anti-Ageing Facial

NOW £56

Targets Lines, Wrinkles, Skin Blemishes & Acne It is the very first treatment that features a unique, Ultrasonic exfoliation ,which deep cleanses the skin including the Non-Surgical  Facelift Wrinkle Comb which combines LED photo stimulation with a high frequency Microcurrent to effectively plump out and soften lines, wrinkles and provide a non invasive alternative to collagen injections and the Hydratone mask.

*Offer starts 1st February until 31st March 2018

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Dermalogica Skin Care

High Definition Makeup

St Tropez Self tanning

*selected line of products


1/2 price Sunbeds Offer Mon-Sunday 9-3pm
(offer extended to include Fri/Sat and Sun)

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20% OFF

Laser Hair Removal & Fat Reduction / Inch Loss

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